Stop eating your seeds (the seed is to sow)

The problem for many people is not knowing how to differentiate seeds from fruits, that is, in terms of money. When you do not know how to separate the money that enters your life, you will have serious financial problems and will never be prosperous.

Stop eating your seeds (the seed is to sow)

What I often see are people who eat seeds instead of fruits. If you are not thriving financially, it is because you are eating your seed.

For example, people who work and earn a monthly salary, these employees think that their salary is the fruit and when they receive that money they devour everything. But, in reality, a normal work wage is not a fruit, this money should serve as a seed for you to create new businesses.

So do not spend all your salary on the expenses of the house, set aside a part to start investing, this money you invest is like a seed that will bear fruit for you.

So my friend stops eating your seeds and starts sowing.

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