No plan or project is stupid (create defined plans)

I see people making plans and at the end of the day they take all the plans and throw them in the trash or forget, then they say they are stupid plans. They do this when the plan fails or the people around them do not approve of their plan. These people always look for an excuse to justify why they are giving up, most of the time they say their plan or project is stupid, so they cannot continue.

No plan or project is stupid (create defined plans)
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I know that some plans or projects we make seem impossible and do not represent much inspiration. But everything has its first time, you can't expect everything to work out the first time. We will make several mistakes each day, until we can resolve them.

If people knew the virtue that exists in the failures and mistakes that we mentioned, they would never give up, believe me, our failures help us a lot to improve each plan or project we do, so never dexist, but try to see what you can do differently.

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