It's not just about you (it's about everyone)

If people were humble enough, they would not have much shyness or would never exclude themselves. People continue to exclude themselves because they think everything is about them. But in reality, it's not just you, but everyone. Therefore, never feel inferior or incapable for not being at the top of the chair or for not leading a nation. You can be great and prosperous starting from where you are, but for that to happen, you must understand that it is not just about you.

It's not just about you (it's about everyone)
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When you look only for your own good, you forget the purpose that God has for you, so you are shy and very selfish. Shy people are very proud and selfish, so stop it, stop thinking it's all about you.

You can reach the top of the mountain, you can reach the top of governance, but first, you must forget your Ego and start serving everyone. Throw away everything that holds you, throw away all insecurities, because the world needs you and God wants to use you for something big.

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