Get out of the hole (don't let the ego sink you)

What I have seen are people who like to live by appearances, people who are slowly sinking, but who always try to maintain a normal life as if nothing is happening. For example, there are people who lose their jobs, do not speak to anyone, or do nothing to try to get out of that situation, people who are sinking into the business and always try to keep their lives luxurious, knowing that they are sinking.

Get out of the hole (don't let the ego sink you)
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These people allow themselves to be carried away by ego and pride, they are very concerned with the opinion of others, they even incur various debts to maintain the false impression that everything is fine.

My friend, if you find yourself in this situation, please do not let the ego manipulate you, even if people make fun of you, but do not try to live by your appearance or try to give a false impression.

If you broke a deal or something, if you have a lot of expenses, the first step is to reduce all your expenses, if you have a car sell the car, try to reduce your expenses as much as possible, and don't worry about the opinions of others, just worry about God's opinion.

Accept that you are broke and do everything possible to get out of this hole, but do not try to live by appearances or give false impressions.

Believe that God is always with you and nothing can shake you if you believe in Him.

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