Everything passes (nothing is permanent)

The days that never seem to end, I'm talking about those days that seem like a nightmare that leaves us in great despair, those days that arrive with great sadness and great pain. Days like these frustrate many of us, we doubt the existence of God, because everyone wonders if he really exists.

Everything passes (nothing is permanent)
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But I want to tell you that when days like these arrive you have to be very calm, because when we react with the same frequency with problems, we will always have more problems. I think it's great to have problems, because at least they make us stronger.

That is why I say that there can be days of clamor or despair, my faith in God will never be questioned, problems will only strengthen me and make me more intelligent and very wise. Whatever happens, I will always follow the principles of the Lord my God.

So be strong and very smart when making your choices.

Thanks for reading.