Annoy people (your presence must sometimes annoy people)

If you are a person who does not irritate anyone, it is because you have a serious problem or you will never be a successful person. Because successful people always bother others. When you are a person determined to succeed, your presence or your words will always bother people, don't feel bad about it.

Annoy people (your presence must sometimes annoy people)
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Let me put it in a more simple and well-defined way, for you to understand me better.

When you are a person who overflows the light of success, all the darkness moves away from you. So try to observe this in your daily life, if your presence does not bother anyone, it seems that there is something wrong with you or you are being a very good person and you are not fulfilling your purpose.

Take Jesus' example, his presence has always troubled demons and everyone has fallen to the ground. When a person is fulfilling his purpose, he becomes very irritating to demonized people.

Sometimes you don't have to do or say anything, people will just say that they don't like you. I am the example of this, almost all of my friends have fled from me, as they have always witnessed the miracles of God in my life.

My friend, do not be afraid to irritate people, if God is with you the wrong people will always leave alone, so do not seek their approval.

Thanks for reading.